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Whether you're working through a challenging situation, feeling stuck, or wanting an energetic check up, a Tarot reading can help provide the clarity you need. 

During your reading, I'll tune into your energy and pull cards while concentrating on your question. Using a warm, coaching-based approach I'll create a personalized and in-depth PDF of the information received during the reading. You'll also receive a picture of the cards that were pulled for you. It is my hope that your reading will provide you the clarity and confidence you need to move forward towards joy, happiness and success in life.

By purchasing a reading, you agree that you've read and understand the Ethics and Policies.

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“Garrett has an uncanny way of reading the soul! It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who is clearly very intuitive and in possession of wisdom from beyond the world of logic, yet can communicate very effectively and is reasonable and rational in his approach. The best of both worlds!”

– Petra

Book a Reiki Session

Reiki Session

Reiki is a safe, holistic form of energy work that promotes healing by helping life-force energy, known as Ki, to flow freely throughout your body. Reiki works with your Higher Self to clear any energetic imbalances or blocks that are not aligned with your highest and greatest good to bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit into a balanced and harmonic state. With Ki flowing freely, you should feel healthy, peaceful, confident and a sense of well-being. 

With a distant Reiki session, you'll be able to experience the benefits of Reiki from anywhere in the world.

Please note: By booking a Reiki session, you agree that you've read, understand and agree to the ethics and policies.

Last year I experienced a lot of loss. Compacted with ongoing transitions and uncertainty, I started to feel overwhelmed and over-critical of myself. I was often so overwhelmed that I couldn’t get anything accomplished. After our distance Reiki session, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Instead of looking to my past of loss and regret, I find myself more rooted in the present. It feels good. Life feels good!

– E. Harrell