Weekly Tarot Guidance Revealed

Tarot Reveal
  1. This week Judgement feels like you’re being called to release the tendency to judge. This could be judgement of yourself, certain situations or other people. What happens when you stop labeling things “good” or “bad” and allow them to just be? What would it be like to experience radical acceptance of the present moment? See what happens when you drop the judgement and labels this week when you are experiencing resistance.

  2. It may feel as if things are coming at you from all sides, but the truth is that you have the advantage. By remaining present, you attain an enlightened perspective on situations that might otherwise seem quite distressing.  If you notice that you’re being pulled down by all the BS, reconnect with the present moment by tuning into the breath. In this space, aligned with your True Self, you are unstoppable.

  3. The Eight of Coins forecasts that there’s a lot of potential and growth in the week ahead as long as you’re willing to put in the work. Consistency and dedication will help you progress over time. If you find yourself getting anxious, reconnect with your “Why?” as a way to realign with your original purpose. It’s like a little shot of energy to help keep you going.

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