Weekly Tarot Guidance Revealed

  1. The Scorpion is a fiery and fierce creature that can sting at times. This card asks you to examine where in your life you’re holding on to those unresolved feelings and situations they may be causing you to react and lash out. How can you reframe them to be more aligned with the energy of Love?

  2. Whether you realize it or not, Firefly wants you to know that you’ve been lighting and leading the way for many others recently. You might feel small and insignificant, but believe that your Light can illuminate the darkest of nights. Don’t be afraid to share it!

  3. Sometimes Raccoons get a bad rap because they can be a bit mischievous acting like the Tricksters of the forest.  If things have been feeling a bit topsy turvy, Raccoon reminds you that life is what you make of it. You can choose to see people or situations as pests and irritants or you can see them as opportunities to grow through adversity. Which do you choose?

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