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Nicknamed "Liquid Light", Selenite is one of my favorite crystals to work with. It deepens your connection with the angelic realm, your Higher Self and dispels any low-vibrating energy. It creates clarity by removing any blockages that may have been clogging your energetic body, and allows you to move forward with new eyes.

Suggested Uses:
- Use a Selenite wand to comb through your aura and visualize it sucking away any negative energy.
- Place two pieces of Selenite under your mattress by your head and by your feet. The Selenite will help to cleanse your energy while you sleep.
- Place a piece of Selenite on any part of your body that feels sore and leave it there for twenty minutes to help clear away any energy blockages in that area.
- Meditate with Selenite to deepen your connection with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Please note: each crystal is unique, so you won't receive the exact crystal pictured. It will be a comparable piece of similar size/weight. These pieces of Selenite are about 7-inches long.

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