Rose Quartz

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The Intrepid Hearts Crystals-7.jpg

Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is connected with your heart chakra and helps to open the heart to all kinds of love, including one of the most important types -- self-love. By unblocking energy clogs in the heart chakra, it helps to restore faith and harmony while promoting compassion and happiness.

Suggested Uses:
- Place a piece of Rose Quartz in your bedroom or living room to promote a loving energy within the space.
- Meditate with Rose Quartz on your heart chakra to help balance and open it.
- Place a piece of Rose Quartz under your pillow while you sleep to promote sweet dreams.

Please note: each crystal is unique, so you won't receive the exact crystal pictured. It will be a comparable piece of similar size/weight. To get an idea of the size, the small piece is in the bottom right, the medium piece is in the upper left, the large piece is in the bottom left and the extra large piece is in the top right of the image.

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