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The Intrepid Hearts Crystals-1.jpg


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Nicknamed "Ground into Earth", Hematite emits a grounding and centering energy that helps reconnect our physical body with the earth beneath our feet. It absorbs any negative energy in the body and recycles it down into the Earth to create new, high-vibrating energy. It's a great stone to help cleanse self-doubt, allowing creativity to flow freely.

Suggested Uses:
- Meditate with a piece of Hematite on your root chakra to ground and feel your connection to Mother Earth. This can be enhanced by meditating outside against the base of a tree with your bare feet making contact with the ground.
- Wear or carry Hematite to absorb any negative energy in your body.
- Place Hematite in a room to create a grounded and centered space.

Please note: each crystal is unique, so you won't receive the exact crystal pictured. It will be a comparable piece of similar size/weight. To get an idea of the size, the small piece is towards the bottom and the large piece is towards the top of the picture.

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