Working Through Fear Even When It Scares You | The Intrepid Hearts


Fear has been pretty prevalent in my life this past week, but now that I've made it to the other side, I'd like to share what I learned.

Last week was a big leap for my practice. I had been thinking about creating and offering my own energy cleansing spray as well as beginning to carry crystals to help my clients on their journey. Finally, last month I pulled the trigger and started creating a "High-Vibe Energy Cleansing Mist" as well as ordering crystals.

It all culminated this past Sunday when I was set to bring my sprays and crystals to the farmer's market I read at every week. Instead of waking up excited, I woke up with a knot in my stomach - "What if no one likes them? What if people think it's stupid?" Instead of listening to these fears I sat down at my altar space and meditated, and that's when it all clicked.

What if we used our fears to guide us like a map? If I'm afraid of something, doesn't that just show me where I have more room to grow? Because when I start moving through that fear, eventually it doesn't scare me any more and I've grown because of it.

When we start working through these fears we begin learning lessons we might not have otherwise been able to learn. I think a lot of the times, when our fear is the loudest, it typically means we're on the cusp of a huge transformation. We just have to be willing to start walking in that direction.

Because my fears had been on full blast that morning, I realized this was definitely the next big step for me. I packed up my stuff and headed to the market where I had the most amazing day with clients. Not only were my new offerings a success, but I was able to use them to help so many people. I felt empowered and uplifted, and now I'm even more excited to take the next steps in my practice.

Try it for yourself! The next time you're feeling fearful, sit down and befriend your fear. Ask what messages it has for you, then take a moment to thank it for its wisdom and let it go. Then, get up and start moving towards whatever it is that's scaring you. I'm not saying it will be easy, but you'll come out on the other side empowered and transformed.