The Power of "What If?"

I was highly skeptical when I first started my spiritual journey several years ago. I found myself thinking, "What do you mean that love, peace, happiness and abundance are my birthright?! I have about $50 in my checking account. You're crazy!" I wanted to believe in this magical Universe so badly, but I found it incredibly difficult since my circumstances didn't reflect it.

Luckily, the first book that I ever read on the subject was E-Squared by Pam Grout. In the book, Pam takes you through nine experiments that you can do to prove to yourself that your thoughts create your reality. I felt my excitement growing as I started seeing results in my experiments, but I was also terrified that one of the experiments wouldn't work for me and the whole thing would be a waste of time. Every so often that little voice still pops into my head causing me to doubt myself. I feel like it's because he knows that his days are numbered and he no longer controls my life.

I've been reading a lot of Marianne Williamson's work lately, which I would recommend to anyone who's not already acquainted with her. She talks a lot about leaning into love and God (The Universe/Source/Divine Energy/Etc.), and allowing ourselves to be a channel for miracles. I recently finished reading her book, Everyday Grace, and after I finished I noticed that little doubtful voice starting up again.

As soon as he started questioning what I had just read I very clearly heard another voice say, "Yes, but what if?" What if Marianne is right? What if the Universe is conspiring on my behalf? What if Love really is the only real thing in the Universe? What if miracles are happening all around me and my task is to align myself with Divine Love?

Suddenly, those nagging doubts had stopped and I felt my entire energy shift. It was a massive spiritual "AHA!" moment. I feel like we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities when we get curious about something. We tear down the walls we had built before and we look beyond where they once stood.

Imagine the possibilities if you approach life with these two words in mind – "What if?" Next time you hear doubt popping up, take a moment to pause and question yourself. You'll never amount to anything. "What if I do?" The Universe isn't conspiring on your behalf "What if it is?" Then, start to explore that. See it. Feel it. Live in that energy for a moment and notice how it affects you.

It might only be a subtle shift at first, but trust that it is powerful. You are literally starting to change years of programming when you look at the possibilities before you instead of indulging your fears. The coolest part of all of this is that when you do this work yourself, you're also shifting the collective energy. You're changing the world! Awesome, right?!

Try it for yourself this week, and let me know how it goes!

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