Tarot Forecast for the Week of January 15, 2018

This week we have the energy of the Two of Swords coming into our lives.

If you look at the imagery of this particular card, you'll see two swords crossed together underneath a sun that appears to be eclipsed. However, it feels like it's still creating light amidst the darkness.

Swords are a suit that corresponds with our mental processes and communication. Coupled with the fact that this is a number two, it felt like the message coming through is in regards to the decisions we have to make this week. Yes, we make decisions every single day, but with the sun being eclipsed, it feels like we don't have everything we need in order to make a decision that feels aligned with our higher good. There's something we might not yet have that would help us make the best choice.

Therefore, this card would suggest that you not be afraid in asking for what you need prior to making a decision. Don't be afraid to hold off on any decisions until you have what you need from someone or something. When you're advocating for yourself, you're able to get a big picture view rather than feeling like you're stumbling in the dark.

This week's message, plain and simple: Don't be afraid to ask.

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