Tarot Talks: The Wheel of Fortune and Five of Cups | The Intrepid Hearts

The Wild Unknown Tarot

I want to try something different this week. Instead of writing the usual blog post, I asked my Tarot cards "What is the best thing to discuss this week?" I pulled two cards, and we received The Wheel of Fortune and the Five of Cups.

The Wheel is governed by Goddess Fortuna and is indicative of cycles and changes taking place in our lives. If you look closely, we live in cycles -- days, seasons, years, lunar cycles, life, death -- everything is cyclical in nature. 

This is where the Five of Cups comes into play. I've always seen this card as a card of choice. In the Rider-Waite version, you see a man shrouded in black looking down at his three spilled cups, but there's two full cups sitting right behind him. The spilled cups sit on his left side (the past) and the full ones on his right side (the future). He rests in the middle (the present) and has the choice of what to focus on.

In The Wild Unknown version, the horse is casting his gaze down in the blackness, which feels very heavy and depressing. Above him there are five cups raised out of the darkness and in the light. Just like the man in the Rider-Waite Tarot, the horse has a choice of where to look.

These two cards serve as a reminder that we always have a choice and those choices will affect our fortune. If we let the past define us, we'll stay stuck, doomed to repeat the same life experiences over and over again.

In the present moment we have the opportunity to change our story and shift our gaze by deciding to choose something that's more aligned with our Truth. Forgive yourself of your past mistakes; forgive others for their's. Just because you may have messed up before doesn't mean you'll mess up again.

Every day you have a fresh, clean slate -- a new cycle begins. Make today the day you leave the past behind and start living your Truth.