Superhero Tarot Spread | The Intrepid Hearts

A week or two ago I was watching Spiderman: Homecoming when the idea for this Tarot spread popped into my mind. We all have things that we keep secret, masks that we wear depending on who we're with, strengths and weaknesses, so why not learn to harness these energies to help us serve the highest good? 

I've included the spread positions and explanations of each card below. If you try it out, please leave a comment and let me know how it goes!

  1. Your Secret Identity - The things you keep buried deep for no one (possibly including yourself) to see.
  2. The Mask You Wear - What you’re showing the outside world.
  3. Your Greatest Superpower - Where you’re currently excelling
  4. Your Weakness - Where you can improve
  5. Your Closest Ally -  The energy that will help you serve the highest good
  6. Your Arch Nemesis - The energy that’s will hold you back