Expect the Unexpected

About a year ago I was spending time writing down my intentions for 2018. Towards the top of my list I wrote that I wanted to open a space where I could offer in-person readings to people in my area. The only time I was able to offer live readings was at various events and pop-ups that I had been invited to.

As time progressed, it became clear that I didn't currently have the means to open a store. One might give up hope at this point, but I persisted in believing there was a space out there for me. "Maybe not now, but soon," I told myself.

It was about halfway through the year that I joined a new yoga studio by my house. I immediately fell in love with the place! The classes, instructors and the space were warm, welcoming and wonderful. I was invited to offer readings at a couple of their events, which I was grateful for. Then, about three weeks ago a miracle happened.

I was having a meeting with the studio owner when she invited me to rent their smaller studio space and use it to offer in-person readings for people. I could also host various Tarot events, workshops and classes. My intention had manifested!

I tell you this story because sometimes we have this habit of getting a picture in our head of exactly what we want, and we refuse to let it go. I knew what I wanted the store that I envisioned back in 2017 to look like. But, if I had held tight to that vision of having my own store and how I wanted it to look, I may never have received this new opportunity. 

Or, sometimes we hit a bump in the road (for me, it was not having the finances to start a store), and we turn away from our goals because it doesn't look like it's going to work out. That's when mantras like "If not now, soon" or "If not this, then something better" can really help us continue to manifest our goals. Whatever you do, don't give up hope! Expect the unexpected!