Manifestation Monday | Defining Obstacles and Visualization

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Welcome back, y'all! Last week's manifestation tip was a little short, so I'm combining it with this week's post.

Today we're focusing on defining potential obstacles we may encounter while working to manifest our intentions and practicing visualization. You might be saying, "Garrett, why would I want to focus on obstacles? I don't want to bring them into my life." Well, today we're going to define these obstacles so that we can come up with ways to work through them. That way if an obstacle does pop up, you're not afraid of it because you have already come up with a plan to overcome it.

First, think of one of the intentions you have set for yourself. Now, think of all the possible obstacles that you could run up against while working to manifest that intention. Once you've got a solid list of obstacles, go through and brainstorm ways to make it through those obstacles.

For instance, if one of your obstacles is "money" start brainstorming ways to create more money. You could take a second job, ask for a raise, have a silent auction, start a gofundme, create a side business -- the list goes on and on.

Ultimately, this can help you when you run into one of those obstacles because it won't seem so big and scary. Plus, you'll already have a ton of ways to get around it. We tend to turn back or stop working towards our goals when things start getting difficult, but with this activity you create the tools to make it through any obstacle you come up against.

Also, we’re going discussing the benefits of using visualization to help you manifest your intentions. By now you know what you want, you’re blocking out all the noise that’s not serving you, and you know how to barrel through potential obstacles that might pop up along your journey.

With visualization, you’re forming an image in your mind’s eye of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings you’ll experience once your intention has manifested. It’s important when you’re visualizing these things that you look at it from the perspective of your intention having already manifested. You already have whatever it is you desire.

For example, if you’re manifesting money, don’t waste time just imagining yourself holding money. Use your visualization time to experience what you’d do with that money. See yourself driving that new car, relaxing at the beach, traveling all over the world. Picture whatever it is that’s going to elicit an emotional response within you because your emotions are one of the most powerful tools you have to aid in your manifestations.

I recommend practicing visualization for about 5 minutes each day. It’s a great thing to do right after meditation. Then, once you’re finished, turn it all over to the Universe and trust that it’s on its way to you.