Trusting Your Intuition When Your Fear Won't Shut Up | The Intrepid Hearts

I used to feel like there was a war being waged in my head. I'd decide that I was going to do something, but then I'd hear those dreaded words -- "Yeah, but what if..." and my fears would start spinning a different tale in my head. They'd show me how things couldn't work the way I had imagined them and then I'd start doubting myself.

Our fears are powerful, but they're not malicious. They're our ego's way of protecting us, but since the ego is afraid of the unknown they rarely allow us to venture beyond our comfort zone.

Want to try a new business offering? "What if people think it's dumb?" Want to leave your miserable, soul-sucking job? "What if you can't make money doing anything else?" There's another way though!

When I stopped letting fear govern my life and started trusting my intuition, I noticed a profound shift. My fears started to quiet down and take a back seat. After a while, those "what if" questions became things like "What if I succeed?", "What if everyone loves it?", "What if I can make money doing something I love?"

There are many theories as to what exactly intuition is. I believe it's our energetic connection to the collective unconscious. It's able to see beyond what we can see with our eyes, and it can offer us insightful guidance along our journey when we start listening to it. I'd like to offer you a few ways to help you tune in and start trusting your own intuition:

1. Body Dowsing

Our bodies are connected to our intuition, so here's an easy way to start listening.  Stand with your feet about hip-width apart with your weight centered between the pads of your feet and your heels. Close your eyes and start repeating the word "Yes" until your body either starts to sway backwards or forwards. Take note of which way your body sways for "Yes". Next, recenter yourself and do the same thing with the word "No". Now you have a simple way of asking your body yes or no questions!

All you need to do is center yourself, ask the question and take note of which way your body sways. You can even use this technique while grocery shopping to see what foods your body needs. Hold a piece of fruit in your hands, focus on it, and see which way you start to sway. Is it your "Yes" or "No" response?

2. Your Inner Compass

This is a great way to find out how "yes" and "no" feel in your body. It's kind of like creating your own inner compass. During a meditation, after you've grounded and centered yourself, silently ask yourself what "Yes" feels like for you. Take note of any emotions, sensations, images, or colors that come up. Then do the same for "No".

For me, "Yes" is an expansive feeling in my stomach, a deep peacefulness and the color yellow. "No" is a tightening in my heart or throat accompanied by a dark, murky green color.

You can use this at any time. Thinking about that new business offering? Take a moment to center yourself and ask. See which of your responses come up.

3. Use a Pendulum

You can buy a pendulum at any metaphysical store or you can make your own by tying a weighted object to the end of a string or chain. Find or create one that resonates with you.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a white bubble of light and set the intention to connect with your higher self to receive guidance that serves your greatest good. Holding the end of the chain between your thumb and pointer finger, ask to see your "Yes". Watch the movements of the pendulum and take note of it's response. Is it swinging vertically? Horizontally? Moving in a circle? Once you've gotten a response, say "Thank you." Then, do the same process for "No".

During this process your body is performing little micro-movements based on the messages it's receiving from your intuition. It's best to work with a pendulum when you're feeling centered and you're not too fired up about the particular subject you're asking about. Otherwise, you might start deliberately trying to cause it to swing a certain way.

I'd be lying if I said that I no longer have any fears or that everything is sunshine and rainbows now. However, when I started trusting the messages I was receiving I noticed that the unknown didn't seem so scary, and when it did I'd simply thank my fear for wanting to keep me safe, but I'd let it know that it wasn't going to control my life anymore.

You'll find that the more you start trusting your intuition, the more opportunities and growth you'll experience. Instead of making decisions steeped in fear, you'll feel confident moving forward because you're being guided by love.