The Best Way To Level Up Your Manifestation Game

The most effective way to become a master manifester is to practice gratitude.

It's really that simple.

Gratitude has such a super high vibration that when we start engaging with it, it helps to raise our own vibration to match the frequency of the things we wish to attract into our lives. If we continually practice it every day, the Universe can't help but work its magic and help us manifest our dreams.

Now, you can't just make it a "one and done" deal. There's no authenticity behind that. Gratitude is something that must be practiced authentically and consistently in order to supercharge your manifesting powers.

Start small by expressing gratitude for three things right when you wake up or before you go to bed -- and really feel grateful for them! Then, expand your practice and start expressing gratitude in the moment for the the things you encounter throughout the day.

These things don't have to be huge. You can be grateful for the beautiful flower you saw on a walk, the sound of the birds chirping outside your window, the great book you read, or even a hug from a friend.

While all those things sound lovely, we also have to be grateful for the "bad" things in our lives. When we're grateful for those bumps and obstacles in our path, we're accepting responsibility for them as the creator of our life and the fact that we've manifested them in order to help us evolve. Everything occurs in alignment with our vibration.

One technique to help you through those difficult times is to pause and say out loud, "I am grateful for this because ___________." For example, as an actor I face rejection a lot. You're never going to book everything you audition for. So, rather than expending my energy complaining about not booking a show, I'll say, "I'm really grateful for this audition because it allowed me the time to practice my craft."

The more you start incorporating gratitude into your daily life, the higher your vibration will be, and the easier it will become to manifest your desires. Start small and pretty soon you'll see how gratitude can change your life.