Surrendering to Miracles | The Intrepid Hearts

One of my favorite cards from Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back affirmation deck says, “The key to prayer is to forget what I think I need.” And, in a way, I think this perfectly captures the idea of surrender.

When I first started living a more spiritual life, I used to believe that surrender meant just trusting that the Universe would give me what I intended to manifest. However, as I dove deeper I began to see that it wasn’t about what I wanted, it was about knowing that The Universe/Spirit/God had my highest and greatest good in mind and taking action based on that belief.

This was solidified earlier this year while my partner, Sean, and I were house hunting. We would find a house that we liked, put in an offer, and I would do anything and everything I could to “manifest” us that house. I said affirmations, I visualized us in the house, I did candle magic, I spoke as if the house was already our’s — and then we wouldn’t get it.

Then, one day I sat down at my altar and relinquished control. I let go of the idea that it HAD to be a specific house, and just said “I want a house that allows us to breathe, brings joy, peace and happiness for the rest of our lives.” Three days later, our offer on our new house was accepted.

The funny thing is that I can’t imagine us living in any of the other houses that we didn’t get. This house has already changed our lives in so many ways, and it cultivates the exact feelings I asked for. The only difference was that when we saw it and put in an offer, I didn’t try to force it to happen. I knew that if it was meant to be, it would be.

When we don’t surrender, I feel like we’re putting the energy of a situation into a chokehold. There’s no way it can flow and work its magic. But, when we let go of being attached to a specific outcome, the energy is able to flow much more easily, and it can create things that we never could have imagined.

This week I’d like to challenge you to ask yourself where you can surrender. Where can you create space for the energy to flow? Focus on how you want to feel, let go of specific outcomes, and watch the miracles start to happen.