Stepping Into the Flow

I had a major "Aha!" moment while working through New Age Hipster's Self-Care Kit this month. It came about while I was journaling about the beliefs I had surrounding taking care of my body. Exercise came to my mind because and I discovered that I had a lot of beliefs that exercise was hard, not fun and time-consuming.

I hopped over into our Facebook group and posted asking for some help working through these beliefs, and Vix offered some great advice said something that really stuck out to me. Basically, she said that when she starts feeling like she doesn't want to do something anymore she sees it as a sign that it's time to shake things up.

I used to believe that exercise meant I HAD to go to the gym and do all the machines or that I HAD to be running three miles three times a week. I'd get burned out, stop doing whatever exercise I was doing at the time, and then stop exercising all together.

How often do we do this type of thing in our own lives? We feel like it has to be all or nothing, so when we fall short we just stop doing the thing all together. For example, if you struggle with meditating -- are you trying to force yourself to sit down in silence for 20 minutes every day and think of nothing? If that's not working, why not try going on a walk and being fully present during it?

The point I'm trying to make here is that we don't have to just stop doing something altogether because our current way of doing it isn't working. Like Vix said, it's just "time to shake things up." Find other ways to accomplish the same goal!

I feel like it's time to stop holding on to such rigid beliefs. We can accomplish great things if we live in a state of flow rather than "This is how things MUST be!" For me, instead of forcing myself to go suffer in the gym I've started adding 30 second planks throughout my day, walking more, and doing some light yoga in the mornings. I've made it work for me, and when the time comes that those things bore me, I'll simply shake it up and find a new way to exercise.