Keeping Your Energy Cleared and Protected

Have you ever felt drained from just being around someone? Perhaps you walk into a room and you can feel your entire mood change. Or maybe you're just feeling off for no reason you can think of.

Protect Your Energy

If there's a specific person that comes to mind that always makes you feel exhausted after being around them, chances are they're an energy vampire. They may not be after your blood like Dracula, but they do latch on and drain your energy because they can't sustain their own life force. It's also possible for low vibrating energies to affect your own energy and mood if you're not careful.

We all have an energetic vibration and all of us vibrate at different frequencies. According to Quantum Physics, even though something may appear solid, it isn't. In fact, it's made of of tiny particles that are vibrating at such a fast rate that it gives the appearance of being a solid. Basically, everything is energy! Therefore, our energy can be affected if we're not taking the proper steps to protect ourselves. 

Today I'd like to show you several different ways to help clear and protect your energy to keep your vibration high and all that low vibrating crap away.

Cleansing with Smoke

Cleanse Your Energy

One of my favorite ways to do a daily cleanse is with palo santo or white sage, but you can also use dried rose petals, lavender, mugwort, cedar or even just incense. Essentially, you would light one of these herbs with fire and use the smoke to cleanse your energy field or room. It's thought that the spirits of these sacred herbs help to cleanse and banish negative energy. If you're cleansing yourself, fan the smoke around you with the intention that any low vibrating energy is being cleared. I use a short prayer that goes like this: "Into this smoke, I release all energy that no longer serves me, all negativity that surrounds me, and all fears that limit me. So it is."

Salt Soak

Not a fan of smoke? No problem! You can take a salt water bath to help cleanse your aura and detoxify your body. Just fill the bath with some warm water and toss two to three handfuls of salt in. Be sure to use sea salt and not your normal table salt! Speaking of the sea, you can get the same effect by heading to the beach and bathing in the ocean. Spend a day with your friends at the beach and cleanse your energy at the same time -- how awesome is that?!

Light Shower

This is good when you're on the go and feeling funky. Close your eyes and imagine a stream of golden or white light pouring down onto you and washing all the negativity away. Visualize all that negative energy as a dirty grey substance leaving your energy field and going down into the earth to be recycled and renewed while the rest of you is being filled with light.

Energy Shielding

I learned about this in Trevor Blake's wonderful book, Three Simple Steps and have found many similar approaches since then. I've taken what I learned from him and created something similar that works for me. At the beginning of your day, visualize a giant bubble of light surrounding and protecting you. Set the intention that this bubble will shield you from all low vibrating energy and only allow high vibrating energy into your space.

I'm also in love with this shielding recitation created by the fabulous Benebell Wen. Listen to it at the start of your day and you'll be all set.


Yes, there are a ton of different crystals out there, but one that can always be counted on to help cleanse energy is selenite. I love selenite so much that I have many pieces of it placed throughout my house as well as two slabs of it under my bed to help cleanse my energetic field while I sleep. If you get a stick of selenite you can use it as a wand and imagine it sucking all the negative energy out as you comb it through your aura. Start from the crown of your head and brush downward. You can also place a stick of selenite underneath your bare feet and meditate while visualizing all the negative energy leaving your body and being cleared by the piece of selenite.

Protect Yourself!

As you can see, there are many ways to accomplish the same task. You could even just repeat the mantra "My energy is cleared, grounded and protected" out loud a few times. It all depends on what resonates with you, so please take what you like, leave what you don't, and create something that feels good for you!

If you'd like to know more about your own energetic body, book a Chakra Check In. I'll pull seven cards that represent the overall energy of each of your chakras, and we'll discuss how to keep your energy flowing smoothly.

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