Overcoming Resistance

I don’t know about you all, but last week’s full moon lunar eclipse threw me for a loop.

I spent the evening in my backyard huddled under blankets by a fire with my friends. I led them through a short full moon ritual where we reflected on our goals for the year and wrote down anything that wasn’t in alignment with those goals that was holding us back. Then, we tossed our papers into the fire to release them and let them burn.

I felt a sense of renewal and excitement about what lay ahead, but the next morning I was filled with doubt, insecurity and a major case of imposter syndrome.

You see for the past few months I’ve felt called to create a Tarot course for my local community; however, now resistance was popping up left and right. I doubted my ability to create this offering, and I doubted its success. I was finding anything and everything I could do to avoid starting to work on developing a course.

During this time I kept running across the idea that resistance comes up for many goals that are worthy of pursuit.

So many different articles, podcasts and conversations I had kept pointing to the idea that resistance shows up to show us where we have the opportunity to expand our capacity to love and accept ourselves. It shows us the boundaries of our comfort zone and gives us the opportunity to move past them. We can play it safe and stay in our box, or we can expand and heal ourselves by working through the resistance we feel.

When I looked at things through this lens, I saw that I was afraid of stepping into a leadership position. I was scared of being judged for the work that I put out there. And, I was afraid of being wrong.

When you uncover the root of resistance, you’re able to develop different practices to help you work through it.

I find prayer, affirmations, journaling and meditation to be super helpful, but something different might work better for you. Once I understood where my resistance was coming from, I was able to start working on my course. I’ve been taking baby steps as I begin this journey so that I don’t overwhelm myself. Resistance still pops up, but now I have various strategies to help me move through it.

Get curious the next time you notice resistance popping up in your own life. Where’s it coming from? What parts of yourself is resistance showing you need healing? What practices can you develop to help you care for those parts of yourself?