One Question to Help You Manifest Your Dreams

Take a moment to think about something big that you want to achieve. It could be the lifestyle or career you want -- not the one you're supposed to want or think you're worthy of, but the one that really sets your heart on fire and makes you get all excited inside just thinking about it.

Notice what happens in your mind when you start visualizing this. Are you thinking "Hell yeah! I'm on my way there. I can do this!" Or, are you thinking "That's nice, but I don't have _______" or "Yeah, but that'd be too hard"? 

"Why not me?"

Now, ask yourself "Why not me?" Why can't you have this thing that lights you up? You might immediately start listing the things you don't have that you would actually need to achieve this dream. Perhaps it's more experience, more connections, more money, etc. List them out and start to break them into smaller steps. Break them down into the smallest steps possible so that they stop looking so big and scary to you.

For example, let's say you've always dreamed of being a Life Coach. You might write down "Get my Life Coach certification," which might seem like a daunting task. However, if you break that down to the next step it becomes "Enroll in a Life Coach program." If that's still too scary, roll it back further -- "Research Life Coaching programs." Still too daunting? "Reach out to several Life Coaches to speak with them about becoming a Life Coach." Keep breaking it down until you end up at something that no longer seems impossibly large for you.

Next, take that smallest bit of action. Then, take the next one and the next one. As you keep going, the next steps will cease to look so large and intimidating and you'll begin building momentum as you go.

It's not going to be easy. In fact, there will be times where you will fall down on your face. People are going to doubt you and tell you that you can't do whatever is you're setting out to do. They're only able to love you from within their personal limits, and their limits are not your's. Keep your eyes on the end goal and keep going. If there's someone out there doing the thing you want to do, please know that it is possible

People are successful when they move towards their goals with certainty and conviction. They don't let adversity hold them down. Erik Weihenmayer is a blind man who scaled Mt. Everest. How many times do you think people told him what he wanted to do wasn't possible? Regardless of what others said or how many times he may have "failed", he kept going. As Rumi said, "What you seek is seeking you." Be brave enough to go on this journey and you'll find that all of your dreams are possible.