Mirror and Medicine: November 2018

I recently picked up a new two-card spread that I really like from Danielle over at Oak Moon Tarot. It’s called the Mirror and Medicine spread. The first card represents the mirror. It invites us to examine the space we’re currently inhabiting. It’s a look at what’s going on and where we’re headed. The second card represents the medicine. It’s something to aid us during this time. Perhaps it introduces a new way of thinking, an action to take. It helps us see through any illusions straight to the Truth of any matters.

This week I did a reading on behalf of the Collective to see what the mirror and medicine is for the month of November. We received the Eight of Wands as our mirror and The Fool as our medicine.

November 2018 Tarot Reading

The Eight of Wands indicates that this month is a time ripe for stepping into your power. Things may feel like they’re moving quickly, and you might feel like you have very little control. The Fool asks us to trust that movement, to trust that we’re exactly where we’re meant to be at any given time.

There’s a really great quote that I recently heard that came to mind while reading these cards. I can’t remember who said it or where I heard it from, so I apologize that I’m unable to attribute it to anyone. I don’t remember the specific wording, but they basically said that if you leap from a cliff you don’t turn around and try to grab the ledge after you’ve jumped.

To me, this is a call for confidence. There’s so much forward motion in these cards, and you might scare yourself if you start looking back. Trust that you’ve done the work necessary, and leap wholeheartedly into this month with confidence. Deep down you know what feels aligned; you know what feels best for you.

There may be people who try to pull you back to the safety of the ledge. Heck, your own ego might even try. But, The Fool cautions you to pay those people no mind. Allow yourself the freedom to soar.