Mirror & Medicine: February 2019

This month’s mirror and medicine Tarot reading come to you from the Seven of Coins and the King of Swords.

Tarot Reading

The Seven of Coins typically signifies having patience, waiting for the seeds we’ve planted to be ready for harvest. But, it comes up in the reversed position for this month, which to me feels like impatience. This card is inviting you to take a look at the things you’re trying to push in your life right now. What are you trying to hurry along or force to happen?

It might seem like you’re bumping up against obstacles or setbacks because these things aren’t ready to come into the world yet. Like a plant, they need more nurturing and care. Also, by trying to force a specific outcome, you may be constricting the energy that’s trying to assist you.

The King of Swords reversed offers his medicine to help you move through this.. I often feel like the King of Swords is the most direct and to the point out of all of the Kings. However, in the reversed position it feels like he’s asking you to loosen the reins – relax into life a bit.

Regardless of how much we’d like it to, life typically doesn’t move from point A to point B in an instant. There’s many different stops along the way. Sometimes those stops take you clear off the path that you were expecting, and that’s okay. Give yourself permission to wander and explore unfamiliar terrain.

Rather than being dissatisfied with where you aren’t yet, take a look around you in the present moment. So many new possibilities and potential reside there. But, you close yourself off to them when you’re so focused on trying to create a specific outcome.

See if you can let go of your expectations this month and allow yourself to enjoy the journey.