Manifestation Monday | Defining What You Want

Hello, you beautiful souls, and welcome to a new series I'm creating called Manifestation Monday.

Manifesation The Intrepid Hearts

Each week I'll be discussing different ideas to help you become a master manifester and create a life you love. It's my hope that by engaging with these practices each week you'll be able to move through your fears and doubts and see how powerful of a creator you actually are.

1: Define what it is that you want.

This week, I'd like you to take some time to yourself and create a list of what you'd like to manifest over the next six months to a year. Write it down. Now, this isn't some airy fairy make believe list. I don't recommend writing something like "I want to be a millionaire" if you're not going to take daily action (more on that later) to make it happen. One thing I recommend is to take a look at where you are and start with something that may not be too much of a stretch for you. In the example above, if you only have $2.00 in your bank account and say "I am manifesting one million dollars," your doubts are going to be going off like an alarm in your head telling you there's no way for you can do that. However, if you start with where you are and decide you're going to manifest an extra $50 a week, you're less likely to be met with that resistance. Then, once you've proven to yourself that you can do that, you can start increasing the amount every couple of weeks. The key is to start chipping away at your doubts while building up your manifesting muscle, but you can't do that until you decide what you want. 

Be as specific as possible and write your intentions in the present tense.  "I want a new job" is going to to be much more powerful when written as "I am working at a job that allows me to earn a good living while fulfilling my soul's calling." You want to get your mind used to these intentions being within your present reality instead of something you're wishing or hoping for. Otherwise, you'll just end up always wishing and hoping for them.

Once you have your list of intentions, I want you to read them every single day. Keep them by your bed and read them as soon as you wake up and right before you fall asleep. I also keep a list of my intentions on my phone so that I can read through them whenever I want. You could even make it your phone lock screen so your intentions are always at the front of your mind. Whenever you read through your list, imagine that these intentions are already a part of your present reality, and allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with that. As we'll discuss in the coming weeks, emotions are one of the most powerful things we can use while manifesting our intentions.

Next week we'll be discussing how to protect your mindset during your manifesting adventures. All too often we allow other peoples' fears affect what we believe we're capable of, but I'm going to give you some tips and techniques to help you keep them out of your head so you can continue to manifest your heart's desires. 

Please feel free to ask any questions about intention setting or even share your intentions in the comments!