Living on the Edge of the Miraculous | The Intrepid Hearts

We are living at the edge of the miraculous.
— Henry Miller

Growing up in a Christian household tainted my perception of miracles. 

Let me explain. 

At church, it seemed like a miracle had to be something big — Jesus rising on the third day, Lazarus coming back from the dead, parting the Red Sea kind of stuff. But, I recently heard Marianne Williamson being interviewed on SuperSoul Sunday, and it seems like “miracle” has a much broader definition (or at least this one resonates with me on a much deeper level).

Marianne says, “A miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to love.” The more we’re able to see the world through a lens of love instead of a lens of fear, the more miracles we notice in our lives. In the interview, Marianne discussed how five minutes of prayer each morning can dramatically shift your perspective, so I decided to see how this played out in my own life this past weekend.

I went out of town with my partner and our friends to celebrate my birthday, and every morning I made time to pray. I expressed my gratitude for all the miracles I received the previous day, I asked that any thoughts of fear be replaced with thoughts of love, and that I might be of service to the Divine plan of love unfolding in the Universe. I also asked for a weekend filled with “birthday miracles”.

I received so many miracles throughout the weekend — awesome parking spaces, beautiful weather when the forecast predicted rain, seeing a wild manatee and wild turtles, a stranger buying us a cake in Publix — the list goes on and on. Because I had shifted my perception to love, I was able to notice all the love that was being sent my way.

These might seem like small, insignificant things to somebody else, but to me they were fully fledged miracles. I didn’t need anyone to come back from the dead or walk on water to show me how blessed I am. It doesn't have to be a huge show stopper to be classified as a miracle. The fact that you are breathing right now is a miracle in and of itself.

Try it out for yourself. Spend time each morning praying to Spirit/God/The Universe/whatever you want to call it, and ask that all fear-based thought forms be transformed to love. Focus on radiating love wherever you go. If you find yourself getting tangled up in fear, pause and pray — “I am willing to see this differently.” Feel how that resonates with you.

I’ve included a link to the interview with Marianne below. It’s probably one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a while, and I encourage you to listen to it when you have some time to spare. I’ve listened to it twice now!

Many of us have been taught to see the world with fearful eyes, and now it’s time to leave that behind. Focus on love and remember that miracles are a natural occurrence. As soon as you shift your perception, you’ll start seeing them everywhere.

Marianne Williamson on SuperSoul Conversations