Life is Empty and Meaningless | The Intrepid Hearts Tarot

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook when I noticed that my friend had posted "Life is empty and meaningless." I was concerned, so I commented on the post asking for a some clarification. Within an hour, she commented back:

"It's actually a lot better than it sounds. It's part of an exercise of creating new possibilities and choosing the meaning we assign to our lives (rather than assuming it has inherent meaning that we can't choose... It's an interesting exercise if nothing else, right?). My life is definitely full of meaning"

I love this exercise because I feel like it totally embodies the idea of "change your story, change your life". Many people move through their day believing that life just happens to them, that they're a victim of circumstance and they have no control over it.

I'm a believer that thoughts become things. If you're continually telling yourself "There's never enough" or "I'm no good at this" then you'll keep attracting circumstances that prove those thoughts to be true. But, if you deliberately start changing your story you'll have unlimited potential. 

Start looking at each day as a blank canvas on which you can create anything you want. Don't look to the past to define your future. One of my favorite exercises is to wake up each morning and proclaim "Something extraordinary is going to happen to me today!" Then, I spend the rest of the day playing a game to find that extraordinary thing.

What would happen if you start thinking "I'm going to kick so much ass at this!" the next time you start a project, or "Things are always working out for me in the best possible way." any time you face an obstacle?

Can you imagine the change that you would see? You'd be unstoppable because you would be actively co-creating your future instead of believing it's outside of your control. And, if you "fail" (FAIL = First Attempt in Learning), you'd get back up, review what you learned, and keep moving forward towards your dreams!

What stories are you telling yourself that aren't serving you? How can you change those stories to start empowering yourself? Leave a comment below, and let's chat about them!