Let Love Take the Lead

What would life be like if you let Love (aka God, Goddess, Spirit, the Universe, Source, whatever you want to call it) take the lead?

How would it feel to hand over your worries, fears and problems and trust that you were being Divinely guided towards the perfect solution?

If you’ve spent some time in spiritual circles, you’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction. Basically, you’re taught that if you visualize enough, affirm enough, and act like you already have whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest, it will come to you. Heck, I used to do it all the time, and I used to get so anxious about the results. Will it work? What if I accidentally confuse the Universe? Am I thinking positively enough?!

It wasn’t until I came across Tosha Silver’s book, Outrageous Openness, that I saw there was a much easier way. Instead of trying to force something to happen, Tosha advocates for offering it up to the Divine. You affirm that the perfect path or solution is already chosen and that you’re being guided to it. Then, you essentially allow life to become a scavenger hunt as you watch for the signs.

There is something about this way of life that resonates with me so deeply. As I read the book, it felt as if a gentle wave of Peace washed over my entire body. You don’t have to force anything. You just let life happen for you. You move into a space of openness and trust.

One of my favorite things that Tosha talks about in this book is creating a God Box. All you need is some type of container, paper and a pen or pencil. Write down your worries, problems, anything you need help with, and offer it to the Divine by placing it into your God Box. Affirm that the perfect solution has already been chosen. If something new comes up add it to your box. If you find yourself worrying about it gently remind yourself that it’s in your box. It’s already taken care of.

Tosha explains, “During the period of offering, solutions spontaneously arise. When the mind is no longer grasping for an answer, space opens. The Box gives room for a Divine plan, even in impossible messes.”

You don’t have to call this thing a “God Box”. You can call it whatever you want. It’s the offering to something bigger than yourself that’s important.

I invite you to try it out for the next month. Write down your struggles, worries and problems. Affirm that the perfect solutions are already chosen, and put them into your Box. Remind yourself that they’re in the box and already taken care of any time you find yourself worrying. Let Love take the lead and watch the miracles start to happen.