Embodying Your Spiritual Practice

When I first started developing a spiritual practice I spent a lot of time working on my third-eye and crown chakras. I wanted to strengthen my intuition and connect with my Guides and Angels; basically, I wanted to be spiritual AF. What I didn’t realize at the time is that being spiritual isn’t just about intuition, Guides and Angels. It’s about working with every aspect of ourselves in order to transcend our perceived limitations and embody our Highest and Best Self.

It feels like the key word here is “embody”. One of my favorite definitions of this word is “to provide (a spirit) with a physical form”. That’s why grounding our spirituality is so freakin’ important.

We can’t just live every day up in our higher chakras. We have to take action on what we receive so that it can become more than just a concept or an idea.

Let’s take abundance as an example. I’ve done a lot of work around abundance over the years. I had fears around money and scarcity that I’ve had to identify and release. It wasn’t until I started embodying abundance that things really started to shift.

You might wonder what this looks like. For me, I started doing things that made me feel abundant. For example, I signed up for automatic monthly donations to charity: water and the World Wildlife Fund. I started leaving an extra tip for great service. I’d offer to pay for a friend’s cocktail at happy hour. I was showing the Universe that I am abundant.

Now, this doesn’t mean I went hog wild and blew a bunch of money to yell out “Hey, Universe! Look at me! I’m abundant.” I started small and gradually began to expand. At first, I was only donating to charity: water. Then, after several months, when I felt comfortable, I added another non-profit.

I encourage you to take a look at your own practice this week. What are you currently working on? Love? Peace? Joy? Abundance? How can you embody this concept so it doesn’t just live up in your head? What small actions can you take this week to create this feeling in your own life?