Defining Your Truth | The Intrepid Hearts

This Friday is a major milestone for me. I'm turning 30!

Over the past few years, I've watched many of my friends reach this milestone. As they got closer to their birthday they lamented how old they felt, how it was all downhill from here, how their body was just going to breakdown. Then, I watched as their body aches and pains began, medications had to be taken, and it did, in fact, seem like their body was betraying them.

I couldn't help but observe that this was an exact manifestation of the things they had put out into the Universe. They had decided that their version of 30 would include declining health, and lo and behold, it was showing up just as they predicted.

Our thoughts and beliefs are like a pair of glasses we put on to see the world through. We wear them every single day, and these glasses filter our experience. If we believe that aging causes us to lose our health and vibrancy, our subconscious is going to find circumstances to make that true for us.

As I approach 30, I am choosing to believe that I will continue to feel healthy, vibrant and full of life. I'm excited for the adventures that lie ahead. I have full faith that this will be the experience I'll attract because of my beliefs.

This idea doesn't just apply to our health though. It can apply throughout our lives -- love, money, relationships, etc. If you're unhappy with the circumstances in your life, commit to change them. Commit to finding a new pair of glasses to see the world through. One of my favorite things to do if I find myself sliding back into old thought patters is to play "The Opposite Game".

If you start to hear that voice that says "There's not enough," make it a point to find experiences in your life that reflect the opposite. Is their enough oxygen? Enough sunshine? There's more than enough! Basically, the point is to prove yourself wrong. Your ego might push back and tell you the game is stupid, but it has worked wonders for me. Push through and you'll start seeing results.

Don't let the collective story govern your life. YOU are the one in charge of how you see the world. Don't be afraid to rebel against what others say has to be true. I chose not to believe my friends' stories about turning 30, and I feel so excited to begin this next chapter of my life. Define what's true for YOU, and start rocking an awesome new pair of glasses to see the world through.