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It's something I've seen time and time again -- a client sits down for a Tarot reading and before we start I ask them, "What question would you like to ask today?" Suddenly, they look like a deer in the headlights, terrified at the thought of having to create a question for their reading. 

There's no need to worry! Today I'm going to provide you with some tips and techniques to help you craft powerful questions that will result in clear and insightful Tarot readings. Also, if you're a reader I'm going to provide some tips to aid you and your clients in getting to the heart of any request.

Open-Ended Questions

Normally, when we request a reading it's because we feel we need some type of guidance in our life. The Tarot tends to perform best when we ask open-ended questions that allow for exploration rather than sticking to closed-ended (yes/no) questions like "Will I get a new job?"

In the example above, we're going to get a lot more juicy information from our reading if we open up the question. "Will I get a new job?" becomes "What steps can I take to make a career change?" We receive a personalized plan of action to help us get a new job with the second question.

To help make your questions open-ended, see if you can rephrase them to use "How..." or "What..." Here's a few examples:

  • "Will I get hired at _______?" becomes  "What steps can I take to improve my career?"
  • "Will I find true love?" becomes "What can I do to find the man/woman of my dreams?"
  • "Should I move to New York?' becomes "What am I likely to experience if I move to New York?"

As you can see, the open-ended questions are going to provide you with a much more in-depth and specific response that helps you create the change you desire.

Getting to the Heart of the Question

This is a phrase I learned from Brigit over at Biddy Tarot. Essentially, it's all about diving deeper into the initial question to get to the core of what's really on your mind.

For instance, let's say the first question you think of is "Will I get a divorce?" When you get to the heart of the question, you realize that this stemmed from the fact that you and your spouse have been fighting a lot and you feel like you haven't been as connected.

You can break up this question into mini questions (or if you're a reader you could create a spread that incorporates each of these questions). "Will I get a divorce?" can be broken into "How can I improve my relationship with my spouse?", "What's blocking us from connecting right now?", "What's the best way to help us reconnect?"

Look at how much more insight you get simply by breaking down the question! You're given a path towards improving your relationship, understanding your blocks and a path forward! That's so much better than a simple "yes" or "no" response that may leave you disempowered.

Yes/No Questions

There will be times when you or your client want a yes or no reading, so I'm going to teach you a method for yes/no questions that I learned from the Biddy Tarot podcast.

First, you need to take your deck and decide which cards represent a "yes" and which cards represent a "no". Here's how I've broken down my deck, but by no means is this the definite answer:

YES - All Major Arcana cards, Aces, and even numbered Minor Arcana cards
NO - All odd numbered Minor Arcana cards (minus the Aces) and all court cards

Once you've decided which cards are yes/no, you'll ask the question and shuffle the deck. Pull five cards once you've finished shuffling and then you can count up how many "yes" cards you have and how many "no" cards you have. Next, you just read the energy of each card like you normally would to get an idea of how strong of a yes or no you've received.

The reason you pull five cards is so that you'll have a majority to receive your answer, but it allows you to see how heavily weighted the "yes" or "no" is, and it gives you the steps needed to continue down this path or advice on how to change it. Our lives are not set in stone nor black or white, so this opens up the question to different possibilities.

A quick note on using Tarot to predict the future: Some people may disagree with me here, but I don't believe the Tarot can accurately predict the future. As human beings, I believe we all have freewill; therefore, our futures could not possibly be set in stone. We always have the power to change our story.  I feel like the Tarot is like an energetic snapshot of our life at the moment of the reading, and it gives us possibilities based on where we currently are. 

See?! It's not so scary coming up with questions for a Tarot reading. Before you sit down for your next reading take a moment to see if there's a way to rephrase the question to open it up and get to the heart of the situation you're experiencing. It'll result in a much more powerful reading that provides the guidance needed to help you along your journey.

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