Conquering Fear with "Why?" | The Intrepid Hearts

Last week I felt like I was in such a conundrum.

Recently, I completed Reiki 2 and I was eager to practice the distance healing techniques I had learned. I was trying to think of ways to find people that would be willing to receive a Reiki session, and the idea to post something on Facebook for my friends popped into my mind.

I started to write the post, but suddenly I was plagued with fear - "What if they think you're crazy?" I don't consider many of my Facebook friends to be "woo woo", so I was terrified of being judged by them. I ended up deleting what I had written and didn't post anything at all.

However, the next morning I was doing a daily card pull and I received the Nine of Wands in the reversed position. When I see this card I feel like it embodies the energy of perseverance, but here it was showing up for me reversed. It definitely felt like a block.

Then, like a flash of lightning, the phrase "Reconnect with your why." popped into my head. Immediately, I thought back to my deleted Facebook post from the day before. I started to learn Reiki because I want to help people. Helping others is my why. Was I going to let some stupid fear of being judged by people on Facebook keep me from doing that? HELL NO!

I ended up logging back on and posting about it. Within minutes I had a good amount of people  asking about it and almost all of them booked a session. I did have one person who was somewhat judgmental about it, but that didn't bother me anymore. Helping people is way more important to me than someone's opinion of my interests.

If you're feeling stuck this week, I encourage you to reconnect with your why. Why did you begin? Take some time to meditate on it and see what pops up. When we're feeling stalled, reconnecting with the reason we began can help unearth a few hidden gems as well as reignite our Spirit to help plow through any fears that stand in our way.