Be a Channel of Love

About six months ago I added praying into my morning routine.

Before then, I would spend some time meditating and that’d be it. But, I began to feel called to touch base with my Spirit Team each morning, surrendering my fears and asking for guidance in the day ahead. Meditation became my way of tuning in and listening for a response.

One of my favorite things to do while praying is to give the day over to the Divine and ask to be used as a channel for Love. Basically, I ask that all my thoughts, words and actions be guided by Love so that I may share that energy with the rest of the world. This gives me the freedom to just show up instead of worrying about what’s ahead. I trust that life is happening for me instead of to me.

Sometimes nothing out of the ordinary happens. Other days, I can’t help but feel like I’m being gently guided by the Universe to help make a difference. It might be by having a conversation with a person going through a difficult time, offering words of encouragement, or simply smiling at someone and saying, “Hello.”

It’s also helped me out on more difficult days. I find myself being kinder in situations that normally would have annoyed the crap out of me. I’m unafraid to stand in my power and speak my Truth when facing adversity. I trust that I’m where I’m meant to be at all times.

Some days might feel more magical than others, but I’ve found that the key is to keep showing up. Sometimes change is a slow drip instead of a rushing waterfall. Try it out for yourself – see what happens when you give yourself over to Love. Even if you don’t feel anything right away, you’re helping to make the world a kinder, more loving place.