An Attitude of Gratitude

We're celebrating Thanksgiving this week in the U.S., and it felt appropriate to touch on gratitude.

It seems like some people are always wanting more, more, more, which is why they'd rather camp out in front of a store in attempt to get a "good deal" on something they possibly don't even need instead of spending time with their loved ones. Every year it's like there's a competition to see which store can open earliest instead of letting people spend time with their families and friends.

Instead of trying to cram more into our lives, why don't we spend this week reflecting on gratitude? We all have something to be grateful for, and when we take the time to notice those things, no matter how small, it can dramatically change our lives.

For the next week (and hopefully beyond!) see how it feels to jot down three things you're grateful for right before you go to sleep. End your day on a high note. If you want to go even further, have a conversation with your spouse, a friend, or family member about those three things. Ask them what they're grateful for from their day. 

Also, take a moment to pause the next time something awesome happens and express gratitude. You can send it to the Universe, God, Spirit, whomever/whatever you want. It might start to feel like a little energy boost throughout your day. Sometimes, I'll try to notice the small things and express gratitude for them (i.e. "Thank you for this warm sun. Thank you for that gorgeous flower. Thank you for this quiet moment.")

You might be saying, "Garrett, this is so cliché," but I promise you it works. Actively expressing gratitude has changed my entire outlook on life and has helped me to welcome in some pretty impressive miracles. I challenge you to try it out and see for yourself.