Abundance Blocks Tarot Spread

I’ve had many clients asking how to open up and create more abundance and prosperity in their lives, so I created a spread to help understand where people are feeling blocked and create a plan to make space for abundance to flow.

Abundance Blocks Tarot

1. Past Influences - These represent energies or situations from your past that are influencing your current abundance mindset.
2. Current Influences - Identifies the energies currently surrounding you and your thoughts/beliefs around abundance.
3. Subconscious Beliefs - Sometimes our subconscious beliefs can be hidden, so this card allows you to bring them up to the light. What subconscious beliefs do you have surrounding abundance and prosperity? How does this card relate to your past Influences card?
4. The Obstacle - What’s standing in your way of allowing abundance to easily flow through your life?
5. A Path Forward - Think of this card as the next step to take to help you welcome more abundance into your life.
6. Higher Guidance - A message from your Spirit Team to help you along this path towards abundance.

If you try it out on your own, please let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below.