A Simple Way to Release Your Fears

This past week I did something that scared the crap out of me -- I went live on Instagram for the first time.

Now, if you know me you might be shocked that this scared me so much because I also work as a professional actor. I get paid to perform live in front of a ton of people every single week, but for some reason Instagram Live had me shaking in my boots.

About two weeks ago I started participating in a Tarot challenge on Instagram. Basically, each day had a prompt, and I would pull some cards for myself based on that prompt and then interpret them. The one message that kept coming up for me (even outside of the challenge) was "Face your fears!" It was showing up in my readings, in podcasts I was listening to, and even at work. I couldn't ignore the fact that if I wanted to create momentum I had to be willing to get uncomfortable and start moving towards my fears.

I decided that I would start small, which meant that I had to go on Instagram Live because it had been something I'd thought about, but I kept finding excused not to do it. One thing they discussed in the podcast was the idea of getting specific about your fear. You start by asking yourself why you're afraid of ________. For me, I was afraid that no one would show up if I went on Instagram Live. Then, you keep asking yourself "And then what would happen?" 

So, it looks something like this:
What are you afraid of about going on Instagram Live?
I'm afraid no one will show up.
And then what would happen?
I'd look stupid.
And then what would happen?
I'd be sad that no one showed up.
And then what would happen?
I would eventually end up going about my day.

Suddenly, the thing that was scaring the bejesus out of you isn't so scary anymore! I realized that I would be okay even if no one showed up. The other thing that they mentioned in the podcast is that we suddenly think we can predict the future when we're dealing with our fears. We are convinced we know how it's going to turn out before we even do something about it, so we just don't do it. So, the next morning I broadcast live on Instagram for the first time, and guess what?! Quite a few people showed up! Was it perfect? No! Did I learn lessons for next time? Absolutely!

I encourage you to try this out with your own fears this week. Break them down using the question above, and you'll notice that their power over you will start to fade. Your fear shows you where you have the most room to grow, but you have to be willing to move in that direction; otherwise, you'll stay stuck. Be fearless this week and try conquering just one fear. I'd love to hear how it goes!