A Simple Practice for Conscious Living

The energy this past week has been fairly interesting for me because I've had quite a few old patterns pop back up. 

I noticed that I was slipping back into a scarcity mindset surrounding money, which I thought was long gone by now. I found myself starting to compare myself to others. And, I noticed that at some points I was judging myself or other people.

One might ask themselves, "What the hell is happening?!" It was like a superhero movie when the hero thinks they've vanquished the villain, but they've actually gone away and gotten stronger.

But, there was something different this time. Instead of simply sliding back into those old patterns, I was conscious of them and I had an entire arsenal of new tools at my disposal. I was an observer of my thoughts rather than letting them narrate my story, so I was able to notice when something was out of balance, and use the tools I have to bring it back into balance,

I immediately started sending love when I noticed that I was judging myself or others. I began to take stock of the abundance that was already showing up in my life when I noticed scarcity creeping in. If I compared myself to someone, I would pray for their continued success and happiness.

When I switched over from a fear-based mindset to a love-based mindset, I felt so much better. I felt lighter, happier, and freer. I was determined to not let fear hold me down.

Honestly, I feel like the thing that helped me noticed these subtle shifts the most is meditation. People seem to have a misconception that your mind must be completely blank to meditate "successfully". However, I feel like the point of meditation is to observe the thoughts with non-judgement and then let them go.

Rather than continuing down a rabbit hole with a specific thought while meditating, notice that you've been distracted and return to your breath. We do the same thing in my yoga class – if we notice the mind wandering during practice, we bring it back to the present moment by bringing our focus back to the breath.

The more you meditate, the more you build this muscle, and the more it's able to help you out in times of stress. Rather than allowing your mind to run the show, you begin to observe what it's saying and then return to the present moment. This allows you to make the conscious choice of what is showing up in your life.

When you feel stress, anxiety of fear creeping in this week, take a moment to pause and reconnect with your breath. Biologically, by taking a deep inhale your nervous system and brain will begin to calm down; thus allowing you to think clearly and consciously.