Tarot Reader Garrett Jurss
Tarot Reader The Intrepid Hearts

Hi there! I'm Garrett.

I'm an intuitive Tarot reader, Reiki practitioner and Lightworker living in sunny Orlando, FL.

I started my spiritual journey back in 2014 when I bought a copy of E-Squared after overhearing my friend recommend it to someone else, and I haven't looked back since.

By being willing to dig beneath the surface, become aware of my thoughts and work with my own energy, I started seeing huge shifts occur in my own life. I've experienced firsthand how powerful and transformative this type of work can be, which is why I created The Intrepid Hearts – to offer others a variety of tools to help them work through their fears, bust through blocks and start living the life of their dreams.

Outside of my work, you might find me giving my dog, Bagel, a good belly rub, loving on my plants, singing and dancing to showtunes, reading a good book or spending time learning something new.

You can take a look at my offerings to see the variety of sessions, readings and tools I provide to help you along your own journey. Let's find what works best for you!

Garrett is someone who understands people. His open heart and empathetic nature, along with his realistic and practical perspective make him a truly special guide and coach. He has helped me to shift my own perspective on situations where I’ve lacked clarity — how to find answers in grief I’ve experienced, how to adjust the focus and direction of energy in my romantic relationship - all of this through positive and optimistic guidance. He did not give me the answers, but helped me to see how to find the answers in myself, helped me to identify parts of myself that needed attention, and encouraged me to take active steps to move forward.
— Charlie W.


What past clients have said about working with me...

My favorite thing about Garrett’s read wasn’t just his well educated understanding of the cards and their meanings, but his dedication and desire to actually get to know you and help you on your journey. If you reach out to him for clarity or understanding in any given situation, you can tell his kind heart is focused on truly helping others find the answers they’re looking for.
— J.M.J.
Garrett has an uncanny way of reading the soul! It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who is clearly very intuitive and in possession of wisdom from beyond the world of logic, yet can communicate very effectively and is reasonable and rational in his approach. The best of both worlds! This is my second reading from Garrett and both have been extremely helpful in navigating big career shifts. I’m thankful to have such a gifted intuitive in my corner!
— Petra
Garrett is so much more than a Tarot card reader. He exudes warmth and his passion for helping is contagious. I have had several readings with him... Each time I have left with the sense that I received exactly what I needed. Whether I’m seeking out the meaning of a stone, or am curious about a meditation practice, Garrett is a wonderful resource and guide. He is both knowledgeable and intuitive, and I have come to rely on him as not only a source of insight but also someone who genuinely cares.
— Carissa D.
Garrett treats Tarot reading the way I believe they should be read. It’s about energy and focus, not predicting the future. I connected with Garrett immediately and felt his energy. He wanted to connect with me and give me the most accurate reading he could - which he did. Not only did he give me all the answers I needed to hear, he also checked up on me a few days later. If you believe in energy and connection, [Garrett] believes in the same. The future is unpredictable, but the guidance Garrett provides is precious.
— Tracy W.